The NEW Small Group Training model!

Many of you may have read my previous blog about the issues I had with our initial Small Group Training model. 

After lots of debate with the team, consulting world experts, planning the implementation & then staff training, we’ve managed to roll out the new model. 

With the new structure, the individuals specific issues are addressed – and quickly to. 

The Assessment.

I’ve always had my clients perform an assessment and at its heart is the Functional Movement Screen. It gives us the information needed to accurately prescribe the right exercises. 

You can’t put fitness on dysfunction – Gray Cook

As we age, become more sedentary & possibly pick up a few injuries,  identifying these issues before starting a program becomes more and more important. In our new Small Group Training model, these issues get addressed by us identifying your individual issues via the Functional Movement Screen and then repeating the corrective exercise several times during the workout. We can then progress your program with far less risk and get results! Hoorah! 

Clients working on their individual corrective exercises. 

We’ve underpinned the Small Group Training with a lot of structure to guarantee a consistent, fun & quality service including: 

We have three programmes! 

  • Prog A on Mon & Wed
  • Prog B on Tue & Thu
  • Prog C on Fri & Sat

This pattern allows clients to repeat the same program twice per week, learn the workout, master each exercise, work progressively harder each session and form a habit. 

We will change the program every four weeks. This allows for the body to adapt and develop and then have a slight rest before the next months program.

We’ve also introduced a tracking system where you are asked to complete a card with the details of your workout (sets, reps and weights lifted) this will highlight your achievement while following the program.

At the end of the session your coach will give you some feedback, weigh you if required & book you in for the next session! 

    With the above in place we really feel we’re ‘bridging the gap’ between personal training & group training. I’ve done several sessions myself over the last few weeks to test the system and loved the social interaction while working really hard! 

    If you’d like to come and give it a try then contact us by clicking here. Your RESULTS are waiting for you!