Three Tips To Make Your Resolutions Stick

Resolutions can stick but, only if they’re well thought out and super easy to implement. Before making yours, I’ve put together a few really simple tips that you should base your resolutions around. Let’s see if we can make these happen!


Simple, but rarely used. If you enjoy something you are far more likely to do it. Commit to a something you know you enjoy rather than something you’re highly unlikely to adhere to. Do you enjoy working on your own or in a group? Is it convenient? Is the atmosphere good? Even though I’ve set myself a challenge this year of doing a couple of rather ambitious running events, I’ve pinned over 60% of my training around cycling as that’s what I enjoy and will keep me in the game.

Find your ‘Why.’

Why are you looking to change your lifestyle? Is where you want to move your lifestyle to a better place than where you are now? OK you may be 8lbs overweight but is it really that bad? For resolutions or habits to gain traction there needs to be some real gravitas behind them –  what we call your ‘Why’. Maybe your ‘Why’ is  the fear of longer term health consequences, the desire to keep participating in your chosen sport or activities or being able to enjoy life with your kids as you age? For me this was last week when upon trialling our sparkly new Body Composition analyser, it gave me the biological age higher than my actual age. NOT IMPRESSED and a real kick up the behind. It really made me think about the true value of looking after myself better.

It’s  worth stepping back and having a think about what you want your life to be like in the years to come to find your real ‘Why’.

Add a Positive.

Depriving yourself of things tends to work only in the short term. Whatever it is you feel you want to drop out (chocolate / alcohol for example) It’s probably in your life because you enjoy it to some extent. Look at maybe reducing rather than totally eliminating to gain long term success. Maybe using it as a treat or only consuming on w/e’s. On the flip side, why not just add in something positive? By adding a positive it tends to make you want to improve other factors of your lifestyle. So maybe just exercising X number of times per week will be the only resolution you make. The more rules the less likely you are to succeed.

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So, have a good think about your resolutions, your ‘Why’ and also how much you are asking of yourself. As we say here; Structure & Consistency is what gets results. If we can help in anyway please just drop me an email at

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