Too Old to Get Strong?

It’s easy to think that because you’re entering your sixth, seventh or eighth decade, you can’t get fit and strong when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. As we age, we typically challenge our bodies less; therefore, there’s more potential to gain strength and improve our quality of life. The results of a recent study into strength training suggest that those aged 65-75 can achieve the below results in just 12 weeks: + 10% improvement in muscle size + 38% in muscle strength + 8% in functional performance However, there’s still a lot of scepticism on the need and benefit of starting strength training. Let’s look at some of the benefits for those sixty plus:

5 Benefits of Strength Training for the Sixty Plus

  1. Stronger Bones & Muscles
Sarcopenia is a process that affects many ageing adults. It involves a decrease in muscle mass and bone strength that leads to a reduction in our functional capacity and quality of life. Strength training has been proven to delay the process significantly.
  1. Power & Cognitive Function
Strength training has a remarkable ability to maintain and develop strength and power in muscles and, therefore, slow down the ageing process. Exercise involving powerful movements has also been proven to be beneficial not only for muscles but also for improving cognitive function.
  1. Health Improvements
We think of strength training as improving our physical capacity, when there’s plenty of evidence highlighting its potential to improve our health. Type 2 diabetes prevention, survivorship of cancer, and a reduction in all-cause mortality are linked with regular strength training.
  1. Increase in Physical Activity
Various studies and our own experiences have shown how strength training can empower people to partake in more physical activity outside the gym – seeing people reengage in activities such as golf, gardening or hill walking.
  1. Improved Mood & Wellbeing
It’s widely known that strength training alone increases mood via the release of dopamine. With the added benefits of slowing down the ageing process and improving your health and activity levels, it’s not surprising people report an increased level of well-being. To find out more about strength training and how it can help you, get in touch on 01432 271576 or book a free personal consultation here.