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Quality Coaching at Your Convenience

Our Hybrid model provides flexibility, accountability and an increased chance for you to reach your goals.

Within every membership you have access to either of our two well appointed Hereford gyms, as well as the option of training sessions streamed LIVE to your home. In addition to this you’ll have access to our pre-recorded ‘On Demand’ library.

Working out in the gym


Quality coaching at our
two Hereford gyms.
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Expert coaching streamed
LIVE to your Home.
The Ads Watts on Demand Channel

On Demand

Access your training
anytime, anywhere.

Who We Train

A Male lifting weights overseen by Ellie one of our female personal trainers

Male Fitness

Previous sporting endeavours and pushing hard in your career may be taking their toll. The objective has changed. It's no longer about trying to compete with the old you. Instead, it's time to reach new aspirations and set yourself up for the coming decades.

Female Fitness Group

Female Fitness

All too often our females join us having been led a merrydance as to what works best. We don't do shortcuts or quick fixes. What we do however, is deliver powerful results through tried and tested methods, which make life changing, empowering differences.

Female training with a female trainer

45+ Fitness

Why 45? Well, quite simply it's the time when we need to take action. It's the time to step up, not down. Maintaining muscle mass and therefore strengh is your priority. It's quite simply the best tool there is to maintain a quality of life.


We believe each and every one of you is an athlete. An athlete with individual strengths, needs and aspirations. It's by keeping our service focussed on the individual that we get our members great results.

How It Works...


Free 90 Minute Consultation

With a senior member of our team to find out where you are at, how you’d like us to help you and what you’d like to achieve.


30-Day Mini Membership

Our 30-day mini membership gives you the chance to test drive our various services before choosing which of our memberships is the best to get you results.


Selecting the best Membership

Having sampled our services, we’ll sit down to review your progress and discuss which is the best membership option for you.



All members have the opportunity to sit down with a designated coach each month to discuss their training strategy. These sessions are great for ensuring you’re training and lifestyle are spot on to help you achieve your goals. 

Join our fitness family with a 30-day trial membership

Put our specialist training to the test with our 30-day trial membership for just £89. It’s a great way to experience our support and fitness training before deciding if we’re the right gym for you.

Our Memberships

We exist to help you get results from your fitness training. We do this through two levels of membership: personal training and small group personal training. We’ve outlined our plans below, but remember – we’re here to help you make the right choice.

small group training 4 people training at Ady Watts Gym


Small Group Training

Want to build your strength and fitness without the one-to-one attention? This is the membership for you!

Our small group training members get:


Personal Training

Ideal for those who are new to the gym environment, have specific training needs or want the motivation and confidence that comes from one-on-one personal training.

Our small group training members get:

Success Stories

Our members are people just like you…
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