What is Small Group Training?

I’m massively excited about developing & delivering our Small Group Training Program over the coming months. As a long term Personal Training client of mine just said “This is just what I need Ady” and she’s right! It’s exactly what lots of folk need. Regular, safe, well supervised, mobility, strength & cardiovascular training.  Result getting stuff. 

What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training (SGT) is training with a coach and up to three other participants – it’s a great halfway house between our other training; Personal Training (one to one) and Team Training (one to eight). 

Am I suitable for SGT?

As with all our new clients you’ll undergo our renowned Health, Postural & Functional Movement Screen to ensure SGT is the best training option for you. If we don’t think you’re suited, we’ll advise as to the best way forward with us to help you achieve your goals. 

Awesome session again with Ady & the girls. Lots of fun! Recommend! – Julia Lowther

Will I look stupid in SGT? 

The absolute best thing about SGT is the fact that in the same group, we can be training a first timer or an advanced trainer. You can by all means come along with someone you know, but we love it when we have a great mix of folk in our groups! Each individual can push as hard as only they are capable of. Your coach will ensure this.  

What are the benefits of SGT? There are loads. Here are the best:

  • It’s fun! We ensure that through great variety, new training techniques and a sprinkling of fun games & foolishness! Each day there’s a different workout with a different theme to keep you motivated.   
  • It’s great value – due to the cost of coaching being shared between multiple participants!
  • Top coaching – you have great coaching through the whole session. Our ‘eagle eyed’ team won’t let you put a foot wrong – maximising  gains and minimising risk.  
  • It gets RESULTS! Science has proven that SGT helps tease out that extra few % of effort and therefore helps you achieve. 

What do you do in SGT? 

As in all sessions at Ady Watts, we keep to an underpinning workout structure to ensure quality control (consistency of delivery is one thing all great services have in common). All sessions include:

  • 20 minutes of Mobility & Activation work. Stretching those tight muscles and waking up those lazy ones. This ensures the work ahead is performed with all muscle up and active. 
  • 20 minutes of Strength training. Getting functionally strong improves metabolism, improves tone and decreases injury risk.
  • 10 minutes of Metabolic Work. Think of this as adding fuel to the fire. Metabolic work keeps your body burning calories long after the session has finished. 

For those looking to form a great, safe and highly effective exercise habit, in a social setting with coaching from top coaches, SGT offers a great option. 

High Energy, well organised and fun group training that benefits from positive peer pressure and esprit de corps – Mick Merrick

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