Why Small Group Personal Training can work for you…


I’ve been asked a few questions of late on all aspects of our services, so I thought it only fair that I reply with a series of blogs explaining exactly how our training programs work.  This blog will give you an insight and reasoning as to why we use Small Group Personal Training, with Personal Training & Team Training to follow!

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small Group Personal Training is a great ‘half way house’ between 1-1 Personal Training and our larger Team Training sessions. It gives participants the chance to learn how to work out in a well controlled and friendly setting, learn technical aspects of training as well as making it personal by adapting each exercise when required. *The sessions have a maximum of four members to one coach. As a coach who’s been training folk on a 1-1 basis for over 20 years, I think Small Group Personal Training has a big future. By having a strong underpinning structure (see below) we can cater for many clients who would have previously only been able to access personal training. This includes people with injury rehabilitation needs, weight loss clients and the first time exerciser.

* Exceptional circumstances permitting

A quick note on Structure & Consistency…

No matter what the ‘ins and outs’ of the below programs, our aim is to provide you with a solution to train frequently & safely. All of the programs we write will promote increases in strength, lean body mass, bone density and cardiovascular fitness along with a host of other benefits! If in doubt please ask.

Program Structure – Undulating Periodisation

Three sessions rotate over a three month period so that participants experience three different workouts that challenge the body in different ways. Technically, this is called ‘Undulating Periodisation’.

In a nutshell, your body needs a different stress to keep on improving. By changing the stimulus (program) each month we take care of this for you.

Month 1:
Monday – Program A
Tuesday – Program B
Wednesday – Program A
Thursday – Program B
Friday – Program C
Saturday – Program C

Month 2
Monday – Program C
Tuesday – Program A
Wednesday – Program C
Thursday – Program A
Friday – Program B
Saturday – Program B

Month 3
Monday – Program B
Tuesday – Program C
Wednesday – Program B
Thursday – Program C
Friday – Program A
Saturday – Program A

If you, for example train on a Tuesday and Thursday you will experience all three different programs over the three months.

Here’s an overview of each ‘typical’ program.

>Program A – Work Capacity.Work capacity small group training

The Science
In this Program we use big movements such as squats, pushes, pulls and deadlifts back to back in either a Tri Set (3 exercises back to back) or Circuit (4-5 exercises back to back) to not only improve strength, but also improve your cardiovascular fitness. It’s what we call metabolic resistance training and it’s very effective for…

The Benefits
Simply put, it’s the program that most would call a ‘fat loss’ program. If you want to get strong and lean this is the one.

>Program B – Strength & Power TrainingStrength small group training trap bar deadlift
  • The Science
    The benefits for improved Strength & Power are unquestionable. We’ve known this to be the case for athletes looking to improve performance for years but now the benefits for all populations (in particular female and older adults), is really being explored. These programs will use low reps (4-8) to really challenge your nervous system… can you get it excited enough to lift the weight? It won’t be all ‘huff & puff’ you’ll have longer rest periods so that your body can recover and lift the same again the next set.
  • The Benefits
    By learning to lift heavy, activities in active daily life will become a lot easier. You’ll also find yourself pushing more in other gym programs. Of all the programs I’ve written this seems particularly popular with female clients.Empowering stuff!
>Program C – Unilateral Strength Unilateral Small Group Personal Training
  • The Science
    As humans we spend approximately 85% of our time on one leg during gait (walking & running) and we also perform most activities using one limb or the other rather than both at the same time. It therefore makes sense to train with this in mind, replicating what we do in real life. Big lifts like squats an d deadlifts are great but, we must always be mindful not to put our body under to much stress and spread the load out when possible.
  • The Benefits
    Unilateral exercises are epic for injury prevention – challenging our balance and co-ordination while in the safe setting of the gym. They also force us to use our less dominant side and therefore reduce the likelihood of building up huge imbalances in strength that we commonly see in clients who come to us for injury rehabilitation.


All programs have the following underpinning structure:

  • Warm-up, Mobility & Activation – 20 minutes
  • Strength – 20 minutes
  • Metabolic Finisher / Mobility – 10 minutes

So, I hope that gives you guys a great insight into the Small Group Personal Training program. I relish the challenge of designing the sessions and ensuring all members can enjoy a great workout. We’ve seen some awesome results from the program to date and with further refinement to come, I look forward to seeing even more members get awesome results.

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