Why we’re changing our Small Group Training. 

Personal trainer in Hereford putting a small group through it's paces

Although we’ve had some great feedback from our Small Group Training since we launched in the summer, the team felt changes were needed to maximise members results …

I’ve just spent the last three days reviewing and rewriting our Small Group Training (SGT) systems. The team were unhappy with what we were delivering. It wasn’t specific enough and although it was getting results for some, we felt others were not benefiting as much as they should have. We can do better.

The weekend was spent reviewing course notes, emailing and talking to my expert friends from around the US, Ireland & London to see how we can improve.

On the back of this and some great feedback from members, we’ll be making some exciting changes to the structure of our SGT to ensure it gets results for all those we recommend it to.

The cornerstone of our work has always been our assessment and a big part of that is the Functional Movement Screen, it generates the info needed to select the most appropriate stretches and exercises to get you moving well conselho.

Here’s what we’ll be changing:

  • Over the coming weeks you’ll be shown a clear path of progression with the stretches and exercises you perform.
  • We’ll be including specifically  chosen foam rolling, mobility & activation exercises in the warm-up of each workout.
  • With a daily change in workout & workout structure there wasn’t enough repetition for you to master each exercise and gain strength. We’ll therefore be desining just two workouts per month, alternating daily to ensure progress.
  • Instead of rest periods, you’ll be performing your corrective work – we’ll be relentlessly trying to clear up any movement issues to minimise injury risk.
  • With less rest comes a more metabolic workout. This means more fat loss. I think most of us are after this?

Of course we’ll be doing our upmost to make the sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible while you get those amazing results!

PS: Just give us a call if you’d like to give Small Group Training a try! 01432 271576

As always any feedback is welcome  – just email