Ian Nicholas

I went to the Doctors three years ago with intermittent back pain. She told me that I had poor ‘Core Strength’ and advised me to improve my fitness and strength. Well I had last been in a Gym in 1961 when I left school, but I went.

It was a totally alien environment, I might just has well have been on planet Zarg! After being assigned a coach, I was taken thorough assessment. I was supervised through a workout schedule and have been attending regularly ever since. The back pain soon went and gradually I became fitter and stronger. As I progress I’m given specific new exercises that I have to work at mastering over a period of time. once mastered, I’m assigned new, more challenging exercises to develop my movement skill and keep the program interesting – it’s like a serious game. I’m having fun and achieving good results at the same time. I now feel completely at home in the gym. It’s a good place to be.

I liken my body to an old machine that has been given a complete overhaul. I’m stronger and more agile and most importantly feel great. Last week my coach showed me my workouts that I was on when I first started – I was surprised how much I had improved. I have walking trips with my sons and cousins on a semi regular basis and although I am 20 years older than them, I can take a full part.

I saw the doctor recently and I told her that her advice was amongst the best I had ever been given.

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