Team Training

Our Team Training membership delivers high quality training in a social group setting. With a maximum of 8 participants we can still coach the individual. Whether you want to be the best cyclist possible using our proven Wattbike program, improve your strength and core with our Bodyweight Pillar Strength sessions or lose pounds of fat with our Metabolic Conditioning; our quality coaches will improve your body, movement and performance.


Imagine an indoor cycling program that tells you that you are getting fitter, becoming more powerful and that your pedalling technique is improving. Our program does this.

Whether you’re looking to improve you’re cycling power or lose weight the Wattbike is a great tool and fits in perfectly with our ethos of putting some science and results behind training. We use the vast testing capacity and power monitoring of the Wattbike to give you specific feedback and monitoring of your training.

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Bodyweight Pillar Strength

Mastery of your own bodyweight should really come before using external resistance. It’s also an excellent method of training for developing strength and building resilience to injury. For these sessions we draw inspiration from sport specific training and calisthenics. You’ll soon be moving better and more efficiently than you have for years.

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Metabolic Conditioning

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been all the rage in fitness for a few years now and rarely is it done well. A well planned program should give a great workout and great results while not neglecting the client’s health. While the sessions are intense we will still coach you as individuals when required.

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