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Team Training is our larger group format. Saying that, we’ve still limited the sessions to a maximum of 10 participants therefore ensuring quality coaching.

Using Bodyweight exercises, Kettlebells, TRX and Cardio kit, these ‘full of energy’ sessions will build fitness in no time.

In addition to these sessions we also include our ‘Results Proven’ Cycling Improvement Program and Spinning sessions in our Team Training membership providing great variety.


See how our endurance coaching can Maximise your in-season power

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Join our fitness family with a 30 day trial

Try our specialist training for 30 days before deciding if we’re right for you! Our unique trial allows you to try our Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training and Team Training sessions!

Move better, feel better, look better

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Dave Yates

For 27 years I have lived with a rare condition called Sarcoidosis, which mainly causes a constant shortage of breath and also tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell. I had reached a point where the medication I had been taking didn’t seem to be having much effect on my condition anymore.