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Top marks to the team at Ady Watts

Alex Wenyon standing in the Ady Watts Gym in Hereford

I’ve had a lower back issue for over ten years due to work/life balance and the ever-expanding waistline partly due to my desk job. I was becoming reliant on pain killers to get through the day, I couldn’t put on my socks without assistance and frequently crumpled in agony at the slightest jolt or twist. I had to quit all the outdoor activities that I previously took for granted like Hill walks, Golf and Skiing.

I saw Ady Watts advert on Facebook and took the opportunity to do the 30 day trial. In short, the Personal trainers are great, sympathetic but confident of the end goal. Each one is personable, knowledgeable and made me feel motivated.

Exercises and positioning are explained every time which is great. Within a couple of sessions I had the most appropriate routine for my development.

The exercises allow me to improve without fear of causing damage. I’m only three months into it so far and in that small time I can see significant progress in confidence, strength, general mobility and appear to have lost a little weight. My body shape is much more upright now as opposed to the leaning, twisted gait that I’m used to.

The Personal training sessions help to build confidence and method on a one to one basis. The small group sessions are no less focussed on my own particular requirements and are a lot of fun.

I can’t speak highly enough of Ady Watts and the team, I can now see a way out of the situation I was in and have greatly improved my chances of skiing again (having just booked a holiday for next year as a target), not to mention being able to see how close I am to playing games with my boy! “

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