Dave Yates

A man stood by his bike

For 27 years I have lived with a rare condition called Sarcoidosis, which mainly causes a constant shortage of breath and also tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell. I had reached a point where the medication I had been taking didn’t seem to be having much effect on my condition anymore.

Never really being one for exercise and gym work I thought maybe I should give it a try and see if it could help. After an initial consultation I started with one to one sessions and a personalised workout programme. From this I progressed to Small Group Training and Wattbike (indoor cycling) sessions which now include a Cycling improvement programme and regular gym social bike rides with fellow members.

I have been going to the gym now for over a year which has resulted in a general improvement to my overall fitness and a vast improvement to my breathing, so much so, that I have now completed my first 55 mile sportive, and after 27 years I have been given an open discharge from the hospital.

With the excellent training and advise from the coaches, and encouragement from other members of the gym, I now feel that I am back in control of my condition and have discovered a terrific hobby in cycling.

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