Robyn Dent

I was always sporty at school, often playing school matches every weekend, but I was also one of the bigger girls. Finally, I now look at myself in the mirror and I can honestly say I’m totally happy with how I look. I’m never going to be the skinny girl that I always thought I wanted to be, instead I’m a strong, fit woman and I’m proud of that! I love the fact that I can lift heavy stuff, and at the age of 42 I’ve found out what being happy in your own skin is all about.

Training has not only made my body stronger, but it’s also made my mind better! It’s a fact, working out is good for your mental health! I, like so many other people occasionally have demons to fight and if I keep on the straight and narrow at the gym these little devils don’t rear their ugly heads nearly as often as they would without it!

I love the fact that the people who I train with are all different ages and all at different stages of their fitness journey. We’ve all got different goals and reasons why we train but, we all rub along together and encourage each other!

If 4 years ago someone had said to me “dead lift 100kg” apart from looking at them blankly wondering what a dead lift was, I would have laughed and said, “there’s no way I can move 100kg!” Now with some quality coaching, and guidance I’ve entered a strong woman competition and I will be lifting 100kg for reps! So, anything is possible with some hard work, consistency and great coaching. I’m living proof of that!

Exercise is good for the body, and great for the mind and it’s a bonus when the place you go to do it is full of like-minded people and great coaches. I’m fitter, stronger, and healthier – I just wish I’d done it years ago!

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