People of Fitness - Steve Cox

Steve Cox standing by his motor bike showing how able he is now have training with Ady Watts

“Here I am with my 1968 Electra Glide before setting off on last year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a fundraiser for men’s health. As we approach our 70th birthdays many of my mates complain that their bikes are becoming too heavy. The truth is that we are all getting weaker!

I spent a lot of time last winter replacing worn out or rusty parts on the bike. The passing of time has taken its toll and its past glory has faded a little. It’s the same with me. My body used to deal with pretty much everything I threw at it but recently I have been pulling muscles just getting out of bed. I had become lethargic. My core strength was on a par with Homer Simpson. Two months ago a
dodgy knee brought me to Ady’s gym. The realisation that I was sliding into decrepitude forced the decision.

Boy what a difference eight weeks can make! I can now walk up and down stairs with no pain. I feel stronger and have greater flexibility. I stand taller and generally move better.

I know that if I thrash the old Harley something will break, so I treat it gently, respectfully. Never the less I still try to coax the best out of it. The staff at Ady’s have adopted a similar approach to my rehabilitation. They encourage me to listen to my body. They push me when I am up to it and they back off if I am tired or if something is niggling.

I always leave the gym feeling better than I did when I arrived and I have come to realise that the single most important movement I will make at the gym is the one where I pull the front door open when I arrive.”

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