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In August 2021, after a long hill walk, I had an ankle problem which stopped me walking any sort of distance. I realised I needed help and needed to do something different – to gain fitness and to build strength.
I’d never been in a gym in my life but I knew of Ady Watts so, with some trepidation, I contacted him for help. I knew nothing about gyms and I feared the unknown but Ady made me feel very comfortable, put me on a 30 day trial and started to work with me. We started from the very basics and very quickly built my confidence and I decided to join up.
All of Ady’s coaches have given me very consistent coaching and support. I attend the Small Group Persomal Training sessions and the coaches work with everyone as individuals and I’ve never once felt intimidated.
My overall strength is building & I’m feeling fitter, physically and mentally. I’m going to 3 sessions a week and have a monthly review to look at my plan and ensure I’m working towards my goal. I’m also back into walking and building the miles up.
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Good habits rely on flexibility and convenience. Having all of our sessions available via our On Demand library gives you the ability to access great training anytime, anyplace.


Whether you live too far away to visit frequently or prefer the comfort of training at home, our LIVE training program will deliver great results. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’ve proven results using this method of training.


Located north and south of the Wye, our two well appointed Hereford gyms, give members from the county and further afield easy access to our services. Both also providing shower and changing facilities and the chance to grab a post workout tea or coffee!