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Will May Testimonial PIcture smilingWill joined 18 months ago in the hope of resolving on going knee issues. Fast forward to now and Will has undoubtedly turned his life around. He is stronger, fitter and pain free and has managed to lose 20kg along the way! ⁣

“My lifestyle change started 2 years ago with a swollen right knee, which I was determined to walk off and ignore. After 3 months of hobbling, I gave in and went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who drained it and gave me some options: ⁣

A) to lose weight and build muscle to support my creaky old knees⁣
😎 Surgery within 5 years to replace one or both. ⁣

The threat of surgery was just the kick I needed to sort myself out, at 42 I was too young to be chopping bits off, wasn’t I? Up to that point I had considered myself to be in reasonable shape having been fairly active around the family farm and walking my pack of 5 labradors. Having heard the name Ady Watts come up on several occasions when talking with friends about my knees I made contact in October 2019. ⁣

Ady talked me through my condition, my aims, my mindset towards gyms and exercise. Teaming me up with the effervescent Clare we have worked on my knee strength and weight. The support I have had from everyone at the gym has helped me physically and mentally, especially through recent covid lockdowns. ⁣

Now 2 years on my knee gives me no problem, I’m 20kg lighter, I train at the gym 3 times a week and something I never thought I’d say but I enjoy training. I really feel like part of the family at the gym and look forward to every session.” ⁣

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