Low Intensity Interval Training.

A small group of people after a small group training session with the instructor at Ady Watts Hereford Gym

If you’re just starting off on your fitness journey, recovering from injury, or looking for a great recovery session then Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) sessions will offer you a great option. 

Our LIIT sessions will help you restore movement and strength while gradually increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

You may well of heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which has become popular over recent years. These sessions focus on getting a lot of work done in a short time frame and due to the intensity this creates, the claim is that this boosts your metabolism and burns more fat. While beneficial, it’s also not for everyone due to it’s intense, dynamic nature.

LIIT sessions are the opposite! The work is spread out to keep the intensity more moderate and the session is therefore suitable for all. Each session will involve a combination of mobility, simple movement patterns and low to moderate intensity cardio to give you a great low impact workout that’s kind on the joints but strong on building confidence in the gym.

Benefits of Low Intensity Interval Training 

A group performing Low Intensity Interval Training in Ady Watts Gyms in Hereford

Sessions are lower intensity and achievable.
On an intensity scale of 1-10, LIIT sessions will only work you up to  5/10. You’ll have energy left for the rest of the day and you won’t be left feeling sore after sessions. This will also give the body a chance to recover quicker.

Reduced risk of injury.
By keeping both the impact and intensity lower, we’ll be reducing risk of injury. The stress on our cardiovascular system and joints will be less. This makes the session particularly valuable to the beginner, the older adult or those recovering from injury or for use as a recovery session.

Increased adherence.
Evidence shows that although high intensity exercise is beneficial, people’s adherence to it sometimes isn’t great. With LIIT training you’ll be working at a lower intensity and recovering quicker meaning that you’re more likely to stick with it.

Anyone can do it!
The sessions are designed so that the vast majority of people can take part. This includes people with many common medical conditions and injuries. 

Sessions will rotate on a monthly basis giving participants plenty of opportunity to get familiar with each session