Set up over 5 years ago by owner & head coach Ady Watts with the aim of delivering every client results and an exceptional level of service the business now boasts two Hereford based facilities and a team of 6 full time Personal Trainers. With a limited membership our focus is very much on quality rather than quantity. It’s serious fitness, but great fun!

Backed up by an expert team of health care practitioners including a Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Sports Massage Therapist and Sports Psychologist we leave ‘no stone unturned’ to get you results.

Our fitness family and your support network is not only our great team of coaches but our inspirational members. From the first-time gym goer to athlete, from 16-year olds to 83 year olds and of all shapes and sizes. Our facility is full of people with one common goal; to be the best version of themselves.

People who may be just like you. Some have started from the very bottom and now enjoy a quality of life that they previously thought was impossible. Or perhaps you are an athlete that needs support to get to the next level. We have members that have experienced back pain, joint pain and are now moving confidently. Our members that have had weight issues will show just what can be achieved.

It’s important for your results that you enjoy what you do. Alongside the professionalism of our approach through highly trained coaches and health care professionals is an underlying joy about what we do. It’s what keeps our fitness family on track.

Move better, feel better, look better

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Sir Roy Strong

I mark up my Diary every year with ‘G’ for Gym on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m in there by 0900 and back at work at my computer by 10:00 at the latest. I am 82 this year but I began this more intensive training five years ago. You have to put the time in…

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