Bounce Back

How strength training can help you rediscover your quality of life

As legendary American Coach Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”.

Although it may be challenging, investing time and effort in regaining a good level of physical strength and fitness after injury or illness is crucial.

It’s a decision that can significantly impact our future well-being.

Once out of pain, people are left to recover on their own. This should be the first part of the rehab journey, not the whole.

Those in recovery need dedicated training to help them regain the strength and fitness they had before injury or illness. Without this, further episodes of illness or injury are more likely.

We lose 3% of strength per decade

Serious injuries or illnesses accelerate this process, causing us to lose cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass, two of the leading indicators of lifespan.

We need to get active as soon as possible to minimise the effects.

As the below image shows, we lose strength and physical ability as we age. But it also shows how we can slow this process down with strength (resistance) training.

Physical exercise has been proven to preserve the function of the body’s systems, including the musculoskeletal and immune systems, into old age.

Nutrition can help with muscle gain post-injury or illness or, via calorie control, reduce obesity and inflammation. It’s therefore essential that we’re proactive in our own recovery by addressing both our physical activity and nutritional needs

We have the power to determine our quality of life through our lifestyle choices.

 As you’ve probably heard me say, “Rest is rust, motion is lotion.”

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