Don’t Quit

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In my life I’ve been thin, fat, middle of the road, fat and fit again. I’ve had runs where I feel like I’ll reach that ‘holy grail’ of single percent bodyfat, and I’ve had times where I look in the mirror with disgust. Even at my worst I never gave up.

I know fitness is the best tool for me.

You always have a choice. The choice to get going again and work towards becoming the best version of yourself or, to quit.

Too many today, more than ever, quit. I see it week in, week out and in those around me who I know, love and have trained. From people in their 40’s struggling with knee pain to people in their 50’s looking like they’re 70.

There is no quick fix.

The answer is taking responsibility and choosing health & fitness. Remember, there’s always a route back to feeling good about yourself.

I don’t know a person who hasn’t been affected one way or another by the last few years. Whether that’s burn-out, anxiety, the extra ½ stone that we’ve on average put on or that knee that has been aching and getting worse.

It’s time to bounce back.

Fitness isn’t a short-term fix, it’s a way of life. There will be times in your life when you don’t use it, but it will always be there for you.

Whenever that ‘switch’ trips in your mind and you once again say ‘I can do this’. And after the first session, you ask yourself, ‘why, oh why’ I never started earlier.

Don’t stress, just congratulate yourself for starting again – your body and mind will thank you.

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